Rules of Usage

Rules of Usage

In order for our guests to have a safe and comfortable stay, we have set the following rules and guidelines based on Article 10 of the Accommodation agreement. We expect and appreciate everyone for their cooperation. If the rules stated are not observed or violated, hotel management will reserve the right to refuse the guest service of accommodation and use of hotel facilities. Guests may be also held responsible for any damages incurred.

1. Regarding the use of guest rooms

(1) The evacuation route map is installed at the back of each guest room door so please check when you
(2) Please refrain from staying if you are not a registered guest.
(3) We do not allow minors to stay without a guardian. Also, we may refuse guests due to mental and physical concerns, drugs, drunk guests and other acts that may cause disturbance to other guests.
(4) Please note that long-term accommodation will not give legal residence rights.
(5) We ask for your cooperation in saving electricity and conserving water resources carefully.

2. Room (card) key

(1) When leaving your room, please make sure to bring along your room key and to check if it is properly lock.
(2) Please make sure to lock the door latch when inside the room or when sleeping.
(3) A 3,000yen charge will be imposed as a replacement fee for a lost room card key.
(4) Please make sure to return your room card key at the front desk when leaving the hotel.

3. Visitors

(1) For the safety of our guests, we request to meet your visitors at the lobby of the hotel.
(2) When someone knocks at the door, please put on the door latch or check at the peephole.

4. Guest room

(1) Please refrain from using fires such as lighting up candles without the permission of the hotel. Also, cooking inside the guest room is strictly prohibited.
(2) Even if it is possible to smoke inside the room, please refrain from smoking near items that are prone to fire such as the bed.
(3) Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the hotel except for the designated smoking area.
(4) Other than accommodation, please refrain from using the guest room for any other purposes such as business activities, offices, parties, etc. without permission from the hotel.
(5) Please do not move, modify or make any alteration to any equipment inside your room without the permission from the hotel.
(6) Taking any equipment outside the room is not allowed.
(7) Do not place anything on the window that would damage the appearance of the hotel.

5. Valuables

Please be sure to manage your valuables and expensive items.

6. Deposited items / Lost items

The storage period for checked-in and forgotten items are as follows:

(1) Food (unopened): 3 days from the date of discovery
(2) Other than food: 1 month from the date of discovery

If item is not collected within the storage period, it will be considered that the guest has abandoned its ownership and can be disposed freely by the hotel. In this case, guest may not be able to object or retrieve the item.

7. Lost items

We will handle the lost items according to the law.

8. Use of parking lot

(1) Please follow the guide and instructions provided by the hotel staff.
(2) Do not store valuables or other items in the parked car. Hotel will not be responsible for any loss or theft during parking.
(3) Please note that the hotel staff are not allowed to move the car on behalf of the guest.

9. Bills

(1) Payment will be accepted in cash, travel check, accommodation voucher, credit card, or any vouchers approved by the hotel
(2) Please pay the bill upon arrival or when a request to avail a particular item or service has been made.
(3) If the booked name is different from the staying guest, in cases that the payment is not made on the stipulated date, it will be billed directly to the customer who made the reservation.
(4) Hotel will not pay for online shopping fee, taxi fee, postage stamps, and fee for the delivery of baggage.

10. Breakfast ticket

Refunds will not be given for unused breakfast vouchers.

11. Complimentary ticket/discount ticket

Unused special offers and discount tickets issued by the hotel will not be refunded.

12. Nuisance in the hotel

Please refrain from bringing in the following items or acts that may cause inconvenience to other guests in the hotel.

(1) Bring in the following:

  1. Animals and pets such as dogs, cats, and small birds in general (except for guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs)
  2. Explosives and highly sensitive oils that can be easily ignited or any dangerous products
  3. A substance that produces a bad odour or has a strong smell
  4. Guns and swords without a permit
  5. Remarkably large amount of luggage and goods
  6. Other items and behaviours that are prohibited by law

(2) Gambling, being offensive to other guests, behaviour that disrupts orderliness, or behavior that may cause disgust or annoyance to other guests.
(3) Entering the hotel in “Geta”(Japanese traditional slippers) & leathered–soled sandals , Roller blades and Roller skates
(4) Moving equipment or using it for purposes other than its intended purpose
(5) Distribution of advertising materials, sales of goods and solicitation
(6) Taking in food and drink from outside the hotel
(7) Use of public bath when drunk or with tattoo
(8) Taking out of food and drink from breakfast (excluding those that can be taken out)
(9) Taking photographs within hotel premises that may bother or cause disturbance to other guests

13. Regarding of changing of rules

(1) This rule corresponds to the standard provisions of the Civil Code, and each provision of this regulation may be changed based on Article 19 of the Accommodation Provisions.
(2) According to this change of rule, the contents of the changed terms, conditions and effective date will be posted on the website specified by the hotel and inside the guestroom one month before the effective date instead of individual notice and explanation.

Revision date: July 1, 2020